• Use

    Record My Route has clean design, it is easy to use and it is designed for iPhones and iPads running minimum iOS 10.0

  • Statistics

    During recording Record My Route tries to geocode your position. App monitors also basic route statistics like average speed and time.

  • Search

    You can search by first or last location name or by route name itself.

  • Adjust

    At any time you can modify route mark points and add or edit their alarms. Mark point comments are fully adjustable too.

  • Configure

    You can customize your map preferences by changing map type and map zoom level to values that suits you best.

  • Share

    You can easily share your route with your colleagues via email, text message, air - drop and all apps that allows sharing files.

Record new Route

It is extremely easy. Just tap R E C O R D button and start following your route. During recording you will see your starting point, last point, average speed and distance travelled.

(Please make sure Location Services are enabled)

  • Tap button on right if you'd like to add mark point for you current location. Dont worry if you did it too fast or too late. You can always change it while editing your route.
  • Set wrong time in alarm? No problem! Adjust it in route details :)
  • Preview your current recording by tapping on left button.
  • All recorder routes appears in Recent Routes View. You will see red badge in tab bar :)

Route Details

After recording is finished all route details are available by tapping specified row in Recent Routes or by tapping Details button in My Routes. Here you will find all route stats, you will be able to edit route details, follow it, add it as your favourite one, share it with your colleague or export and store as a backup.

(Please note that Record My Route exports route as kmr file that is automatically handled by iOS if Record My Route app is installed)

Edit Route is a view for renaming your route, modyfing mark points and viewing route path with all successfully captured geocode addresses.

Follow Route

You can follow your route directly from My Routes or from Route Details.

(Please make sure Location Services are enabled)

  • While following, Record My Route monitors your position and notifies whats your next mark point with its distance, did you pass your mark point and app will shout an alarm if its time matches your time.
  • Camera automatically adjusts to be 'behind you' so you know whats in front.
  • You can immediately add new mark point at your current position however to do not distract you from following, you will be able to edit it afterwards.
  • You will also be notified when you are near route's finish point.

Development Team

Krawczyński Krzysztof

iOS Developer (1.5 years +) and former full-stack .NET Dev (4 years +). Enthusiastic about everything around , Swift, FRP :)

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